The 365 Day Challenge

I have been challenged to write everyday for the next year on this blog. I will try to write about my life start with who I want to become a Badass Woman.

Monday, October 22, 2018

Day 7

Sorry I haven't been able to type or even think through this flair up but it is almost gone now and I am back to writing... so bare with me

I have written seven blog posts .. new record for me. Woot happy dance!

My Dear Tanya asked me to listen to two youtube music vids..

Brave was the first one I listened to ... I  very much enjoyed it!

     I like to see myself like these young people dancing around.. 

I am brave enough to be myself now.. back then no...

I love to let go through music and movement!

Dancing outside has always be a special love for me! !

This woman is my hero!

Imagine no one around and this badass woman in her purple robe and barefoot heading down the driveway sing to some oldy she loves to sing!!

Picks up the mail with her trusty Shih Tzu trailing behind her... still singing ...

good thing all her neighbors are first shift and can not see this happy ole gal...

Sometimes my living room will become my dance hall, until my legs give out on me. then my chair!

This song Brave makes me move and makes me almost wish I had people around to dance with me.. but hells bells I have my Petie!

The next one is, UNWRITTEN

Man I am always saying "dream, your life can take many turns, some great times, sad times but life  .. so what if a door as closed on you your book isn't written yet"

.. I don't care how old you are .. feel the story of your life and write a great next chapter.

"When writing the story of your life ... dont let anyone else hold the pen" ...Harley Davidson

So listen to these two songs and tell me how they make you feel!

More badass woman tomorrow ...

Friday, October 12, 2018

Day 6 of challenge

I had a head cold or allergies I guess and felt ill all day today.

But I did get to my classes and the test I got 100% on the Spiritual Counseling.  woot ME!!!

I also took Three spelling tests on my writing 101.. Did you know you use cian only with person, Like musician .. I didn't know that and sion, and tion never are use with a person.

Later today I get to meet our Sassy girl! I am over the top excited!

Also my Mary Poppins book is in so on the way we are gonna stop and pick that up.

Last night I was up late writing the next part of my Badass woman goes camping...


The drive to Lake Lila was beautiful. The trip was about 4 hours so we decided to spend the night in long lake at the Historic Adirondack Hotel and after a good night sleep and a hearty breakfast At the Long lake Diner, we headed out to the Lake Lila access road.

The access road was filled with woods and wildlife we even saw a black bear on the road and when we slowed down he seemed to look at us and then went on his way into the woods looking for blueberries.

The Gate was open to the 5 mile long dirt road to the parking lot. There were a few other people there some coming some going. Dayton went to the Ranger signed us in and got us a beautiful campsite, with our own almost private beach.

We got the canoe off the top of the car without much trouble and filled it with our gear, paddles and life jackets I grabbed the front right Dayton the left back and Monroe was behind me just to the middle.

On three we raised the canoe and proceeded to walk down the canoe path to the lake.I gently walked into the cool lake water and took in the view.. was to very lovely and not much has changed since the turn of the century.

I rode in the bow seat Dayton was the in the stern. Monroe and Digger sat in the middle on some cushions.

We started our paddle to our campsite.. I saw a fish jump after a bug! Fish are a jumpin!

Then Monroe whispered Mom look and there catching up to us was a family of Otters.. River Otters and oh my goodness they were very curious of us and of Digger too!

 Then off they went across the lake ... after a couple of bends we finally saw our beach and site..landed the canoe and began the chores of unloading and getting the camp set up. Which really didn't take long.

 Digger was already in the lake swimming and Monroe playing with him throwing a stick out into the lake for digger to retrieve.

The last camper had already set a wood fire up for us, which is the Adirondack way. I got the fire going in the nice campfire with rocks around it. Got some water boiling for tea and took out the picnic lunch I special ordered  back in Long lake.

3 nice chef salads
3 turkey sandwiches
homemade chips

6 chocolate chip cookies
3 bottled waters

Dayton went to check out the outhouse. We campers are suppose to use. Bad news the outhouse is out of commision. It was laying in pieces like a bear tried to scratch its back on it.

Dayton and Monroe found a spot and dug a hole and put the extra plastic bag and some rocks to hold it in place, (we believe we should bide by  the rule of tracking it out when we leave cause the outhouse was a no go. Monroe found a big branch and I questioned if it was solid. Yes Mom it is solid I just used it.

All our food is strung up in a bear cant reach. A rope tied between two trees and the old Cooper bear alarm of  tin cans .. so far it has worked and we Always have Digger.

to be continued ...

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Day 5 of the challenge

This wee one is about to join our family and it makes me so happy to look at her wee face and the black mustache. 

Today my Spiritual Counseling Class was very enlightening!

I just want to share what I think most of us know already but maybe we should think about what I am about to share.

In class I started reading about the benefit of high emotional energy.

If I am inspired to look forward to the next day... more happy emotional and inspirational days will follow. ( Light bulb) 

The positive and optimistic energy around me can help me see others point of view and maybe change my point of view.

Positive high emotional energy can help me focus and Concentrate on what I need to do.
 (like this blog) 
My worries drift away!!!!!

When you are filled with loving energy the world seem so such better.. okay I am breaking out in song,  "Love makes the world go round"

So I am so filled with loving high energy at this moment! 

I am writing a story for my book of Stories of a Badass Woman. stay tuned  tomorrow for more of the Badass Woman's adventure.

From A Stories Of A Badass Woman

Once upon a time a few decades ago lived a woman that loved a man with all her heart... Along came a baby boy and the boy grew to 10 years of age.

This is the story of when we embarked on an adventure into the wild.

The man's name is Dayton Ryor Cooper and girls he is every bit as handsome as Sam Elliott.

The boy's name is Monroe James Cooper and girls he has red hair and dimples that could melt the coldest of hearts when he smiles. Yes parents of young girls, lock your girls up when he turns 15 ohh my!

Guess that leaves little ole me  Deidra Abigail Cooper. Red long wavy hair.  Body of a full figured goddess! The badass woman!

This adventure begins with "Coopers Summer Vacation". Others may spend their vacations on fancy resorts and maxed out credit cards. We Coopers like to go backpacking in the Adirondack Mountain of Northern New York State.

Lets not forget our trusty Shepard Digger..he likes to dig. Digger Cooper his bark can scare away wildlife for miles around with just a hand signal from one of us.

To be continued ....

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Day 4 of the 365 challenge

Hello Darlins!

Oct 9th has been a very long day for me.... 

..........but instead of bitchin about my day, 

 I will look forward to tomorrow which tomorrow will be here in 60 minutes :) 

It is now 11:11 PM ooooo.

I am reading my next lesson in Spiritual Counseling, "Emotional Energy"

I have to giggle and shake my head cause ya today has been the day for emotional energy.

Seems Like everyone I know was dealing with a great deal of emotional energy .. including yours truly!

My class teaches that physical energy makes up 30% of our bodies energy and the Psychological energy .. you guessed it 70% .

Happy inspired energy can lead to a happier life.

Where as depression , and basically why try it is only gonna fail anyway can bring about unwanted and hopeless energies.

So what is a girl to do?

Accept that the goals and changes I want in my life may take time.

Give myself a brake.


Send love to yourself.

Have faith that things will happen for the better and I will slowly find my way.

So I ask again, "what is a girl to do?"


Monday, October 8, 2018

Day 3 welcome darlins

Well Sunday was a much better day for me... I am happy to announce no dizzy spells today.

Petie is groomed and I only found two fleas ... I think we have the flea problem kicked...woot woot

I also have to tell ya all I got a 90 on my spelling test :)

The two words I missed the letters were playing tricks on my eyes. I really have to take my time and breathe and write them out or say the letters out loud. hoping that will help. I am very happy to just have passed with the 90!

Yesterday I spent two hours of writing in our writing  group and oh my stars I love it!

Bankruptcy is underway... The insurance is paying off the car loan and personal loans...

There is a light at the end of the  tunnel JULIA!!!

I saw David my Counselor today.. gosh I really love him. He loves purple lol.

But it has tired me out... so gonna take a nap.

I am watching the good cop, I find it very funny.
Tony Danza is wonderful!

The drive to see David was filled with color ...  the maple leaves are beginning to turn red..

Butterflies were everywhere, I saw a few monarchs and a few others that were smaller and it seemed like they were chasing each other.

purple wildflowers that are bushy and I cant seem to find a picture for but it is all over the road sides!

These tiny flowers are filling up my front yard :) 

This pretty flower filled my gardens and is just beginning to die back.

Saturday, October 6, 2018

Day 2 of my 365 challenge has started off with a bad bout of vertigo.

For those of you not understanding vertigo, the room spins and you want to vomit... so upon waking up I stood up and fell back on the bed. After a few deep breaths and the help of my charlie I walked to the bathroom.  Walking back on my own was a much more of an adventure but I made it, woo.

Fell back to sleep and few hours later drank up my bedside water and walked out to get some more. Sat at the desk here and wrote in one of my pages and then i said that is it .. got back to bed and slept some more ... woke up drank fell back to sleep seemed to be the theme of my day.. finally a bit after 5:30 pm I could sit at the desk and sign on...

Okay so the day of baking cookies and taking my spelling test is out the window..

Bless charlie he has been checking on me and when he had to go out he had his cell phone and I was video chat with my bestie Lynn Jean and she has his number to call if I needed him to come home .. he hadn't gone to far.. just pick up ...

At one point in my sleep delirium, Charlie said he found a Woman with some female shih tzu puppies for sale.

I have been looking for years to find a female and My Charlie has found one. Some time later Charlie asked if I wanted to look at the pictures... ah YAA and man I woke up. Still a bit dizzy and stomach is still being cranky.

We looked at the pictures she sent Charlie and omg Sassy looks a lot like our Petie.. so by the end of the month we shall have a new member to our household :) and my lap will be a bit warmer this winter :)

So that got me out of bed and Lynn Jean watching me on our video chat ... things are getting back to normal.. more tomorrow..

Make some lovely memories, and be blessed.


Friday, October 5, 2018

Day 1 of my 365 day Challenge

For the next 365 days I will write about the courses I am taking and how they are making me think, change and grow. 

My library has hundreds of free classes to choose from. I had such a hard time choosing a course. I decided on Writing 101. 

The first lessons were about nouns, pronouns, verbs, adverbs and etc. Okay so it was pretty much a review of english, lesson 2 which is about spelling!

SPELLING not my favorite subject.

On lesson 1 of spelling there were 9 exams!!!! 

5 of them I got 100%
1 97%
2 87%
and a fail!!!!! 

I got to take the test over and received a passing grade of 87% ! WOOT WOOT!

Happy dancing .. shaking to the left and then to the right and then turn around .. lol

My current grade average is a 88% not bad for the worse speller of all time! This is change as I take more tests ... so wish me well please! 

My next lesson is : 

I before e except after c,
Or when sounding like A,
Like in neighbor or weigh.  

Oh now it's coming back to me grade school english! 

I encourage you to learn something new everyday, whether its a free class like me or  just type in a topic on goggle.

Until tomorrow make some happy memories!